Wednesday, 10 October 2018

#42 | Europe Highlights and Updates

Hello Lovelies!

Hope that you are doing well and taking good care of yourselves!
I've went trippin to Europe in June with my family and visited some amazing places for the very first time. Didn't make a talking vlog like I used to, but made one that shows the highlights of my trip, which you can watch here:

Some updates in life, since I last left off in Feb. So many things have happened, and I'm apologetic to myself to not have the discipline to make time to update this space. Some quick updates, I've completed an internship in a Fashion-Tech company over summer and also took on a challenge of being a Marketing Director in one of my school's volunteer club. It was a very fulfilling summer!

Now that i'm mid-way into my second last semester, I feel the drain and half wishing that I'm going to graduate and half wishing that I can stay with student life. Reality have been hitting me hard recently and a lot of things have been on my mind recently. I am as lost as most kids, but not lost in the direction but lost in terms of how to get to where I want to be. 

I've been trying my best to seek help and expand my experiences and network as much as I can. Actively trying take part in workshops, talks and anything that can enrich my life. I wished I felt this earlier, but I guess I was busy enjoying the sheltered life of being a student.

Asides the bleak future, over the past year, I've also been trying to recover from a heart break from a friendship, one that I held on so dearly on for many years. I'm getting better, I've been telling myself to move on and not let it hurt me anymore. I need to stop giving that the thought of her power over my feelings -- that very often than not leave me crying.

Vulnerable youth, acting strong. I think those 4 words pretty much can sum up my life so far. But now, I'm trying to transit from acting strong to actually be strong, so that I can protect myself and my loved ones. 

Trying my best to take better care of myself, after having an episode in March where I landed myself in the hospital. Trying to manage my mood better, my facial expressions -- I need to learn the poker face better.  haha 

But yeah. Hope that life's treating you better! If not, may it get better from here :)
Going back to do my assignments now. 

Love yourself and others,
Sharleen x

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

#41 | Hello 2018

Hey lovelies, 

This might be coming it a bit late, but I hope that 2018 started off well for you! With February coming to an end tomorrow (lol), I thought I might just do a little update here in between my readings.

2017 was probably my best year yet, having to visit my favourite country (if you have not already known, Korea) TWICE. I had the best time there, but of course dreaded to leave the place. I have also made many new amazing friends, from my home country as well as from all around the globe! I can't wait to one day travel and find these friends in their home country and experience their way of life and culture.

But that year really left me with bittersweet memories, I lost a loved one that I wished I had took out more time to spend time with. She was so kind, so genuine, the life of any party and gave the best advices. I think of her from time to time, and sometimes wish that she didn't have to go through all that suffering before she left. It's still hard to accept the fact that I don't get to see her anymore. x In addition, JongHyun from Shinee (a band I adored for almost 8 years now) ended his life in December. I remember weeping to myself in the public transport that I was on, on the way to meet my friends. It is hard to accept and see that Shinee is now 4, but in Shawols (our fan group name), it will 5ever be 5hinee. x

Another thing, I'm not really sure if travel guides are the thing for me anymore because (1) they take really long to curate (2) my passion for it seems to be diminishing. BUT instead, I have been skewing back to fashion and beauty these days and even landed myself in a fashion related internship this summer! (Which I am really bursting in excitement for, to what I will learn, what I can contribute and create, to the people I will meet)

And if you haven't already subscribe to me on YouTube, here's my latest CNY GRWM!

And I thought I'll leave you guys a few of my favourite Korean playlist from Youtube that I listen to while doing my work, its in the "Glitter for brain" page!

And with that, I'm going back to my readings, do hit me up on Instagram and let me know if you're from my bloggggg! I can be found @singingspikes 

Love yourself and others,

Sunday, 24 September 2017

#40 | Batam Vlog & Life Updates

Hey lovelies, 

Hope that you are doing well! Not an excuse but my Japan guide is really underway, I'm half done with the content and I guess it can only be up at the end of the year given my work schedule. Haha sometimes I really wonder if school is really helping me achieve what I want in life. But then again, school have given me lots of opportunities to learn new things everyday and to meet new interesting people.

I'm at this point of my life, where I need to burn myself out and build towards my dreams and aspiration. But my fears hold me back, so many "what ifs", so much self-doubt. To be honest, I am my harshest critic, because I know what I am capable of, what I'm not. Somehow, I always end up putting myself down, it is almost as if I am addicted to it. Sometimes it takes another person or people to identify your strengths and weaknesses for you, and to spur you on. I'm glad that despite some of my messy friendships, I managed to find true friends who where patient to always lend me a helping hand, a listening ear and giving me words of encouragement. #appreciate Friends are hard to come by these days, good friends even harder. I too need to learn how to be a better friend. At least that is what I aspire to be.

Plans that I have for the near future
1. Find a fashion/media internship I love. 
2. Do some overseas internship stint maybe
3. Edit Korea summer school vlogs, Korea guides, Japan Guides and other vlogs
4. Survive this semester -- 5 mods

So with that, I shall head back to complete my report, and hope that you'll enjoy this vlog that I put together today! 

P.S, WishTrend link here! Highly recommend anyone who has oily skin and troubled skin to buy this set as you will only be paying half its value. The set is worth more than $100, but its only selling for $76 SGD with free international shipping. What more can you ask for?

Love yourself and others,
Sharleen x